Dear Magician,

 It’s time to get your magus robe on.

You’re about to discover magic of the 72-fold  Shem ha Mephorash that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

This isn’t your regular mill Golden Dawn approach or the kind of magic you see floating in regular channels.


If you felt the power or energy from just looking at the photo then you’re not alone. 

You’re looking at the great Pyramid of the Shem.

This magical implement radiate power and it doesn’t take much to witness it in action.

It is has 72  jinn servitors who will quickly appear and heed your call.

An experienced magician and magical crafter tested it and the results where almost immediate.

I didn’t even tell him what it is for.

See for yourself part of our chat:


Here is how it works.

1. Get your hands on the Pyramid of Evocation.

2. Take a copper plate with the jinn name on it. Place it on top of the pyramid.


3. Place the detachable crystal capstone on top of it.

4. Activate the secret magical key and the chant the name of the jinni.

It is that simple.

The design of this pyramid is rooted in the master secrets of the Shem ha Mephoresh.

The Jinn associated with it are 72 in numbers.

Two are known to date. One is a mighty prince with hundreds of servitors.

The other is a shaman magician who holds many secrets of his race.

When you possess the pyramid you will get this powerful magical tool plus:


  • The secret words of activation.
  • The two names of the jinni and the proper time to call them.
  • You will be notified first as the remaining list is revealed.
  • Two copper plates inscribed with the known jinn names to get you started.

 There is a small catch. 

Our resident crafter has his hands full with many projects.

This item was revealed a few months ago and the offer was rescinded quickly.

I received many emails asking for it to be made available again.

We heeded their call.

You may not want to let this device slip from your hands – this time.


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