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“Experience The Highest Secret Magic Of Solomon The King To Easily Conjure and Command Vast Legions of Ancient Jinn, Creating Awe-Inspiring Miracles To Bring Your Every Desire Into Manifestation”

This Is Your Opportunity To Gain The Secrets To The Most Powerful Beings Ever Known To Mankind Who Can Electrify Your Magic Beyond Your Wildest Dreams — The Portal To The Mysterious World Of The Mighty Jinn Is Now Open To You As My Personal Apprentice

Dear Magician,

What you’re about to learn is light-years beyond the magic you’re used to…

You know what I’m talking about. The kind of magic where you cast a circle, light a candle and recite a hopeful prayer… the kind where you’re searching and waiting for “something” to happen…anything. (And it often never does…)

The kind where you practically have to trick yourself into thinking you heard a whisper in the wind… or the candle appears to flicker for a second.

I want you instead to…

Step Into Your Power And Claim YOUR Birthright To Manifest Profound Spiritual Abilities, Supercharge Your Psychic Potential And Become Well-Known And Respected Among The Jinn Kings And Queens!
I’m extending a special private invitation for those who feel they’re ready to awaken the power of the mighty Jinn in the most intense way imaginable.

Despite what you may have heard from religious zealots or mythical lore, the Jinn are not evil spirits. They’re NOT demons or devils. But they are REAL and highly SELECTIVE. (which is why I’m extending this special invitation)

You’re invited to work with me personally to learn and MASTER the ancient art of summoning these incredible beings to bring balance and liberation back into your life and to the world. Don’t light a candle to fix your problem…

Unleash the Mystical Power of a Nuclear Bomb or F5 Tornado on FIRE!
My name is Nineveh Shadrach. For the last 25 years, I’ve been intimately connected with the Jinn, and many have whispered my name to those searching for the keys of ancient wisdom. I have written 10,000+ pages on the subject and have spent a lifetime summoning these majestic entities.

I can’t help but feel remorse for those poor souls who mistakenly believe that the only way to enrich their magic and their lives is through making demonic pacts or summoning dark spirits to do their bidding.
If you do any research on the teachers of these dark arts, you’ll find that they too are tormented and seduced into a paradigm that will ultimately destroy them spiritually, emotionally and may even damage their physical health!

There is a much better way…

The Celestial Jinn are sacred guardians of humanity… thousands of times more powerful than any demonic force. They do not require blood sacrifices or harm to any living thing in order to get their attention.

What I’m offering you today is FAR beyond the promise of dark spirits who only wish to gain power and control over humans by giving them false promises, attaching themselves to the magician in order to toy with them, and then seduce them through minimal material gain into hopeless demonic devotion.

As My Apprentice, You Will Enter Into The Realm Of The Highest Celestial Jinn Who WANT To Enrich The Lives Of Those Whom They Consider Worthy To Experience The Most Advanced Secrets of Magic And Manifesting On The Physical Plane To Benefit ALL Human Beings
Here’s just a taste of the magical results you can experience from working with the Jinn to enhance EVERY area of your life, such as…
  • Manifestation – The Jinn possess the uncanny ability to bring any wish you desire into the physical universe. Harness the mighty power of the Jinn to supercharge your manifesting abilities far beyond the Law of Attraction or anything you’ve tried before!
  • Money and Wealth – Discover hidden opportunities you might have otherwise never noticed for gaining wealth, financial abundance and windfalls of cash. You might win the lottery, receive an unexpected check in the mail, or reach a new level of success!
  • Love and Romance – Matters of the heart are no mystery to the Jinn. Gain another’s favor, attract a lost love into your arms, even find your soulmate. The Jinn are powerful beings who can transform your love life into a living dream of magic and wonder!
  • Health and Wellness – Regain or maintain vibrant physical health, overcome medical conditions, alleviate crushing stress, utilize their cleansing power to wean yourself off of harmful drugs or even prescription medications!
  • Authority – Rise through the ranks of your company or workplace, suddenly get a promotion, become the top dog in your business or industry, become a leader!
  • Reputation – Command respect from your peers, co-workers, boss or anyone else. Achieve monstrous success in all endeavors, obtain the legendary “midas touch”
  • Legal Matters – Win any legal battle, gain the favor of judges, lawyers and the courtroom, never worry about prosecution, litigation or defending yourself again!
  • Genius and Creativity – Attain the brainpower and creativity of a genius, gain the spirit of innovation and increased knowledge in all areas of science, invent new technologies!
  • Wisdom – Receive true wisdom to resolve any conflict, solve any challenges, bring peace to any situation, gain new understanding and super human perspective
  • Psychic Powers – Achieve untold psychic power, activate spiritual forces and bend them to your will, gain absolute control over the very elements of creation itself!
  • Celestial Magic – Learn the secrets of the stars, planets, moons and their celestial movements in the sky, gain insight and wisdom on their effects in your life!
  • Gemstones and Precious Metals – Discover the mysteries of the mineral kingdom, locate rare gems and jewels, receive or extract information about any metal or gemstone
  • Engineering and Construction – Transform and accelerate your knowledge into one of a master architect that could rival even the most gifted builders and geniuses of our time!
  • Military Affairs and War – Assimilate the mind of an expert strategist with the uncanny ability to see several steps ahead, dominate your competition and win any conflict
  • Protection and Guardianship – Protect yourself, your family, friends, pets, objects, events or situations from causing any harm to you (or them) in every conceivable way
  • Writing and Manuscripts – Become a world class author, scribe or publisher. Put pen to paper and witness effortless ideas flood the mind with new creative insights, filling endless pages with the power and prose of a literary master of the arts
  • News from Near and Far – Be informed of any event that holds meaning for you, receive information in detail about any person, place or target of your desire
  • Travel by Air – Resolve any issues pertaining to flight, protect yourself while flying, ensure the safe passage and return of your loved ones, get the best flights, ensure the safety and protection of loved ones and much more!
  • Things Stolen or People Kidnapped – Have items or people who were stolen or kidnapped returned to you promptly, effortlessly recover stolen objects or money!
  • Fetching or Bringing of Things – Command the Jinn to bring you gold, jewels, money, secret or hidden manuscripts or documents, animals, even people at your desire
  • Mysticism and Spirituality – Obtain higher consciousness, explore the inner-planes, master astral projection, command spirit guides and guardians to appear before you!
  • Religious Knowledge and Theology – Uncover buried secrets from the ancient past that brings the light of wisdom to the darkness of ignorance, suffering and hatred!
  • General Growth and Building – Accelerate your personal or professional growth, use for growing plants and herbs, scale a business, anything to do with growing something!
  • Teaching and Education – Become a master teacher of any subject, accelerate your coaching practice or become a highly sought after and well-respected consultant
  • Mastering Languages – Gain fluency in any language, heighten your sensitivity and acuity to any dialect, absorb the vibrations that connect all languages easily!
  • Farming and Agriculture – Ensure the success of your crops, protect your livestock from harm or any outside influence (including Mother Nature), align with the ecosystem!
  • Creative Arts and Artistry – Perfect your visionary talents and abilities, strengthen your creative spirit, imbue the essence and mastery of Michelangelo himself!
  • Mastery and Adeptship – Receive the Light of Knowledge with nothing held back, become as wise as the ancient sages themselves, join the brotherhood of Light!
  • Business and Trade – Transform into a business titan of any industry, a money mogul, bring in clients and customers in droves who purchase your products and services
  • Spiritual Arts and Beliefs – Master the art of spiritual exploration, solidify powerful beliefs that shift the very foundation of reality, gain intimate knowledge of the “other side”
  • Guidance and Assistance – Acquire deep insight on any situation, receive guidance for any life decision, see two steps ahead of any event, become an expert strategist!
  • Spying and Covert Knowledge – Gain intimate insights into any situation, receive knowledge that has been kept hidden from you, learn the details of anything secret
  • Numerology and Mathematics – Obtain higher knowledge of the science of numbers and their meanings, formulas and correlations, gain the wisdom of Pythagoras himself!
  • Music – Influence your talents and abilities to a level only dreamed about before, witness your mindscape filled with musical vibrations and hear them come alive in your music!
  • And Much, Much More!
Become My Apprentice And Re-ignite The Passion, Purpose And Your Desire For A Truly Life-Changing, Mind Blowing Mystical Experience

This is a limited invitation. I can only accept a very small number of serious students to keep it faithful to the mage-apprentice model.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who are SERIOUS about meeting and working with the mighty Jinn to enhance your life and others around you… for the highest benefit of the entire human race… then you’ll need to act fast to be accepted into my Jinn Magic Mastery Apprenticeship Program.

With great power comes an even greater responsibility…

And when you open these doors to the realm of the Jinn as my Apprentice, they will consider you among the sacred guardians of humanity, against the forces of evil, and they will HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE for your actions!

This is NOT to be taken lightly.

The Jinn are immensely, unimaginably powerful beings.

Trust me, you want them on YOUR side!

Once You Open These Doors, Your Life Changes FOREVER

Like I said, I’ve spent more time in the presence of the Jinn than many people spend with their closest family…

I am extremely aware of what these entities are capable of. I’ve seen things you simply wouldn’t believe unless you were right there with me.

Which is why I’ve decided to introduce and initiate a select group of qualified students into my Apprenticeship Program to accelerate your progress with Jinn magic far beyond anything you can imagine…

Normally, mastering the art of Jinn magic literally takes YEARS of study and practice. But let’s be very real for a moment here…

Time is of the essence. The world is getting crazier by the minute, and to be blunt, you never know when your next breath on this Earth could be your last.

That’s why I’m offering 33 students the ultimate shortcut to step inside the realm of the Jinn, and obtain their highest secret wisdom.

I’ve been walking the path of the Jinn magician for the last 25 years, and I wish I’d had someone to hold my hand and guide me carefully through my journey… so, that’s what I’m offering to a very few, lucky students today.

Being mentored by me personally means that you will gain immediate access to verified knowledge of the Jinn and their innermost secrets , bypassing all the years of trial, error, frustration and potential danger.

My Jinn Magic Mastery Apprenticeship Program is like getting a Harvard level college education in the ancient art of Jinn magic…

Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Six Jinn Magic Course Videos — Get access to advanced secrets of Jinn magic (materials NOT covered in any of the books or courses). In each lesson you can get instant feedback, Q & A, we’ll solve any problems you’re having communicating with your chosen Jinn, and much, much more!
  • Private Mentoring — Participate in a live coaching webinar once a month for three months. You will officially be entered into an apprenticeship with me directly, and I will guide you personally into getting exactly what you want out of your summoning and communicating with the Jinn. 
  • Group Training, Troubleshooting and Meetups — You’ll be able to interact with a live group of like-minded students who are actively working with the Jinn, where you can exchange ideas, ask questions and get answers from several different perspectives, troubleshoot problems as they arise, learn new information not taught anywhere else in the world, and build relationships with a family of Jinn magicians who are ready and willing to help each other have the ultimate experience possible in working with the mighty Jinn!
  • Official Jinn Magician Certificate — Upon completing the Apprenticeship program including the final exam and all the assignments, you will receive an official Jinn Magician certificate with your full name on it. Paper certificates don’t matter in the occult reality. However, on a psychological level, it’s a reminder of your hard work and serious achievement. I only give this certificate to my apprentices who have demonstrated beyond any doubt that they have mastered the materials. Everyone else will receive a certificate of attendance.

There is simply no faster or easier way to master the art of Jinn magic than by receiving private mentorship and interactive group training in the Jinn Magic Mastery Apprenticeship Program.

Remember, this is your one and only chance to join an elite inner-circle of serious magicians from all walks of life, who are intensely focused on experiencing the power of the Jinn working in their lives, for the benefit of everyone in the group, and all of mankind itself!

Those who are familiar with sacred numbers should already know why I’ve chosen to keep this circle small and intimate. Keeping it down to this size means that I can personally invest more quality time into each individual to give you the mentorship that you deserve, to achieve the best results possible with Jinn magic.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that isn’t likely to be available again anytime soon, if ever.

And once I mention something on a webinar or in a book or training, it is RARELY repeated again. (I’m known as the “anti-rehash” author)

I’ve got a treasure trove of new information I’ve never revealed before to the public… and the ONLY way to gain access is by qualifying for the Apprenticeship program and joining us for the live training sessions!

So if you feel this is right for you, and you’re ready to take your Jinn magic to the extreme by receiving direct mentorship as my Apprentice, plus working with a family of like-minded students, magicians and summoners, then you must act immediately to qualify as one of the inner-circle apprentices!

Once capacity is full, this page will be taken down and this offer will be null and void. Even if you save it for later and try to come back to enroll, your membership fee will be promptly returned to you and entry into our inner-circle will be denied. We must maintain the integrity of our program, and there will be NO exceptions.

Under normal circumstances a program such as this would cost a bare minimum of $697 per year to compensate for the attention to extreme detail I’m putting into this training, not including the personal time and effort required to properly train each member of the group into Jinn magic at the absolute highest level, not available to anyone else in the world.

However, for the next four days ONLY I’m inviting you to join my Jinn Magic Mentoring Program and receive all the benefits mentioned in this invitation letter, not for $697… $597, or even $497… but for a short time, you can join our group for a one-time paltry sum of just $149.95.

This level of training is invaluable. The life-long friendships and bonds you will create with each other are truly priceless. The privilege to be introduced to the Jinn Kings themselves is worth more than any treasure on Earth!

This is the best possible way to fully immerse yourself in the realm of the Jinn and receive the highest level of wisdom ever bestowed upon mankind for creating extremely powerful, lasting and sometimes miraculous changes in your life, and in the lives of your friends, family and loved ones.

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