Jifer Tables (4 Volume Set)

You might be wondering what is al-Jafr? It actually means a parchment made from animal skin.

The legend of the Jafr dates back to early teachings of the Shia’a. Al-Jafr is composed of two skin boxes in which were kept various books of the past Prophets and the scriptures that were passed down from the prophet Mohammed to Ali and then to the rest of his family line. The main content was divided into the White Jafr and the Red Jafr.

The White Jafr is 14 portions each portion divided into 14 parts.

They contained:

    • Secret teachings for the 12 Imams.
    • Knowledge of the past and future events, including the names of every king who would rule on earth.
    • The knowledge of Muhammad, the past Prophets and the 12 Imams.
    • The original holy book of Jesus, the original holy book of Moses, the original holy book of David, the original Scrolls of Abraham and the knowledge and history of the Prophets, future events, and other special mystical matters.

The Red Jafr had:

A bag that contains the armor and weapons of prophet Muhammad, plus Islamic rules, directives and military matters.

The Jafr is a mythological set of parchments that contained ancient knowledge that is hidden from the masses. It also contained secrets of the future. It is the prophecy part of prophet.  

Occult writers believed that the mysterious Jafr is a system or method of uncovering the secrets of the universe past and future. Its keys lie in numbers, math, and geometry.

Different masters hinted at parts of this complex system. From this system, they predicted the Iraq war, the rise of ISIS, destruction in Syria and some even say the current war in Ukraine and more! There are many Arabic videos on youtube on the Jafr predictions of the future. 

Being able to actually read and use Jafr was considered the domain of masters of the art. It involved complex calculations and hidden formulas.


The big part of the process is something called the Jafr Tables. These tables span thousands of potential pages and are an essential key for decoding and using the Jafr methods. It would have been impractical in the Middle Ages to produce these tables by hand. This is why only hints or basic samples were given. Thankfully, we can now produce these tables based on the informations presented by the ancients.

You can get your own Jafr Tables complete in 4 volumes spanning 3,000 pages. These books come hardbound and shipped to your home.

You might be excited and wondering if these Tables come with instructions to help you decode the hidden mysteries of time.

The answer is no. These are the tables only and they are in the Arabic language. Books like Sun of Knowledge have given hints on these tables and how to use them. However, the study of Jafr require time and dedicated courses. Currently, there are no available books in English to teach the secrets of Jafr.  You can keep your eye on here for a potential course on the subject in the future. 

The Tables are useful for current students of Jafr, those who can read Arabic books on the subject, and those are who looking to study the content in the future. It is like buying your notebook before first day of school. 

The printing of these books are a historical mark in Arabic occultism and as such they are a collector’s item.




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