Greetings Dear Magician,

I am excited to present this latest piece of Jan magic.

This magical tapestry is a must have for any magician wanting to rise beyond the common. 

It is the third piece of the mighty occult triumvirate with the Jan ring and the Qaf pedestal.  

If you work with the Jinn at all then take a minute and keep reading, because you don’t want to miss this. 

We are talking about a magical key to be employed in unlocking one of the greatest secrets of occultism.

You know the old saying: “Best place to hide something is in plain sight.”

This is especially true if you disguise its meaning and purpose. 

Cultures across the world have known that the jinn reside both in our world and in another hidden world.

It is unclear if this world is just part of Earth or a parallel universe or hidden dimension. 

Lack of definitive answers didn’t stop legends from springing all across the world about this mythical place.

Before the fictional stories of Arda and Middle Earth were penned, people talked of this other world.

The Sufis believed that in this world reside three cities: Jabelqa, Jabersa, and  Horqelia.

Ancient sages believed that regular physical travel to this world is impossible.

You needed advanced mystical or magical powers. 

Before you throw your hands up in the air, listen to this:

Magical books contained references to many Jinn that travel from that world to our world.

If they can travel here, then they can travel back, and that means there is a door.

You and I can’t open the door ourselves, but the Jinn apparently can. 

The design of this tapestry was instructed by the jinn. In its design lie the key to open this door. 

On the corners are the names of the four Sons of Jan, the Great Elders, and their seals.

I believe that their power and assistance is essential to our success.

The four snakes is another critical part of this equation.

Snakes are symbols of jinn in antiquity. Dragons are jinn king.

Our astrological system contains only planets, moons, and stars, right?

Not exactly. It also contain a dragon.  This isn’t a coincidence or just fancy representation.

The dragon head and tail is represented on the astro-map as key power points. 

The jinn told us already that the lunar nodes aren’t just some obscure astrological points in one’s horoscope.

They were too important to the ancients and were symbolized with snakes for a very important reason.

They are powerful secrets of jinn magic and opening gates to worlds beyond our own.

The key is hidden in the symbolism of entwined dragons or a dragon eating its own tail. 


The Sun and Moon are placed in opposition, because the gate is opened during full moon. 


However, it is more complicated because various zodiacal signs are involved as well. 

The rays in the image above hints to the Zodiacal signs involved, but the proper order is kept secret from the masses.

The colors of the snakes in the tapestry represent the merged serpents.

Each half represents the Elemental nature of one of the Zodiacal signs.

It is inscribed with various Jinn names connected to the energies of these signs. 

There are 240 Jinn names inscribed on these snakes in the proper arrangement to open the gateway. 

The center of the tapestry is a triangle, which represents the triumvirate tools, fire, and the mountain Qaf itself. 

This triangle of manifestation has the Jan ascending names of power.  

In the space within the square will stand the Pillar of Qaf with the Jan ring on top of it. 

This tapestry can be used multiple times to open the door.

The tapestry will be printed on canvas 24 inch by 24 inches.

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