Dear Magician,

I feel 2019 is going to be a year of magnificent magic.

It has been a couple of years since I first announced the Jan Ring to our occult community.

Back then I was excited to show how the magic of Jan helped me with my personal prosperity.

I love my magic and I am passionate about it.

However, when it came to the affairs of the mundane, not so much.

This is why I was content with just enough to get by.

I wasn’t expecting a lot when I asked Jan for help. I was hoping for an extra thousand here or there.

What happened after blew my mind, because frankly, I did nothing really different.

I am still doing the same work I’ve been doing over the years and in almost the same way.

I don’t feel I’ve earned bragging rights, because it is the jinn who are making this happen.

See for yourself what THEY can do if they’re on your side:


Paypal snapshots for income of 2016, 2017, and 2018:

If you’re thinking ‘ok, I’m going to get this ring and strike rich’, please give me a chance to explain more.

This ring isn’t about money. It is about something bigger than this.

I’m just showing you this to give you concrete evidence instead of words.

You might be asking me: “Hey, listen, I do care about money. Money means a lot in this world.”

It may mean a lot to us, but it doesn’t mean a lot to the jinn. This is why 20k, 60k, 100k, 400k, 1 Mil, etc. are all the same to them.

What this ring is really about is Magician-to-Magician bond. It is a connection and a collaboration between a powerful wizard from the jinn and a human magician.

Anything that will manifest in your life that you wish to see will be due to this collaboration.

The master of this ring isn’t a normal jinn. It is like a Gandalf  or Merlin of its own specie.

The kind of experiences you can have with such a connection is incredible.

The kind of things you can learn is unimaginable.

The kind of power that can aid you is unbelievable.

But, first, you need to build the relationship. You need this connection.

This is why all of us are working tirelessly for a Dec 12th chance to open a portal and make a covenant.

If you’re reading this then you told me you’re interested.

This is a page only a few get to read.

I can’t promise you that the road is easy or that it is effortless as that would be lie.

I have no idea what will happen on Dec 12th as I am just like you. 

We’re all in the same boat.

All I can promise you is that it will be worth all you put into it, because I’ve already witnessed what they can do.


This is the ring of Jan constructed according to jinn specs from Volcanic stones  Obsidian and Fire Agate.

They are handcrafted in a full magical setting.  Jinn often participate in the process.  It takes 2-3 months to complete one of them.

Two Payments

  • Jan Ring of Manifestation
  • Free Jan Ebook and Webinar

Four Payments

  • Jan Ring of Manifestation

Note: Ring construction period (2-3 months) only begins after the last payment has been made. 



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