Dear Magician,

It has taken us a few months, but we can officially announce for a limited time the Jan’s Pillar of Qaf.

What is Qaf? What is this mystical mountain wherein some of the oldest Jinn are said to reside?

Here is a brief explanation from a Sheikh of the Naqshabandi order:


Awalia = Saints / Masters

Akheru al-Zaman = End Times

Dunya = Material World

Mount Qaf is a mountain steeped in legend and especially connected with the Jinn.

The idea of the mystical mountain that is the pole or center of the world isn’t new.

It has been  mentioned by many cultures around the world.

Mount Qaf is the home of the mystical middle earth kingdom. 

It is a place that is outside of this world and yet affects this world.

Obviously, it has been the opinion of regular scholars that this mountain doesn’t exist other than a legend.

The Sufis believe that there is truth to the legend. 

The Jinn themselves indicated a portal can be opened to that mountain on 12/12. 

Even more so that there is a connection between the Master of the Ring of Jan and Mount Qaf.

Some have asked me: “Why do the Jinn need you to open the Portal?”

My answer is: “They don’t need me to open the portal. They are opening the portal for me. It is the next step in the journey of the ring of Jan.”

It is then the ring master will formally reveal himself.

Yes, I realize this invitation was directed to me. This is my journey as the ring owner.

I don’t normally talk of my own magical journey, but this journey doesn’t just affect me. Many of you have been called to this ring. I can’t in good conscious conceal this from you.

 Yes, nothing might happen, but then everything might happen. It can go either way. However, there is one thing guaranteed: If you don’t make the effort to at least try then for sure there will be nothing.

If you own the ring, then you owe it to yourself to try. This is a one day historical event and it is approaching fast.

I will be waiting on the Jinn on the Island that will be a home to the tower of magic.

I don’t know if you can make it, but if you can then you’re cordially invited. Feel free to stake your own spot on the Island.

If you can’t then you can go out anywhere in the wilderness near you or just use your own home.

If you possess the tools and are willing to make the effort then I’ll freely give you the basic steps that I intend to follow.

You already have the ring of Jan.

Next, you’ll need the Pillar of Qaf.

This pillar is carved from Serpentine stone and etched with magical glyphs.



This pillar is getting crafted for this event by the same person who crafted your ring.

It is essential for 12/12 and it may play a role in future magical operations as it is connected to the ring.

More and more of Qaf’s magical influence will be felt as its doors are being opened by the Jinn.

The pillar and ring will be your key long past 12/12 to tap into this mystical current.

On a practical note:  These will be need to be shipped by early Nov to be there before 12/12.

Due to the time it takes to shape a regular stone into a magical pillar there can only be a limited number.

That means that the time is now to get your pillar.




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