Hi Dear Magician,

Tarot needs no introduction. The market is flooded with books on Tarot.

They all rely on the same underlying principles started by the Golden Dawn over a hundred years ago. 

Every year there is a new deck that copies these same principles with only cosmetic changes to the images.

Students are expected to study and memorize complex symbolism analysis with many keywords.

Then you have the association with the Tree of Life and other Golden Dawn based overlay when it comes to the Minor Arcana. 

Here is a question:

What happens if you take the cards back to ancient times and asked the magicians of old to teach you the Tarot?

 You would get something very close to a Heretical Keys to the Tarot. 


  • Get an ‘Aha!’ understanding of the the Major Arcana that makes it easy to read the cards with this new Major Arcana sequence. 
  • Discover a new perspective on the Minor Arcana that relies on ancient Numerology principles that makes sense. Save yourself ton of hours of memorization and get more accurate results.
  •  It isn’t enough to just close your eyes and meditate. You need to get help from above to get accurate results and not just do a cold reading. Discover how to do that with the help of Metatron, Ghafzaeel, and five servitors. 
  • Get access to a never before revealed relationship spread that will answer the burning question that hundreds of clients came to you for.

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