Unlock the secrets of an ancient grimoire right now with the Grand Key of Solomon Secret Handbook.

Magical texts of old often contain missing information or are written in such a way that they require a teacher to unlock. The Secret Handbook does just that. It fills in the blanks and provide step-by-step procedures for unleashing the mysteries of angelic and jinn magic within the Grand Key of Solomon.

The Secret Handbook is a starter’s guide to those overwhelmed by the content of the Grand Grimoire. It gives you a safe approach to get results and begin to awaken these magnificent ancient powers.

The Secret Handbook keeps things simple and doesn’t stray far from the original text. It is written for those who are new to this ancient magic.

What also makes it unique is that its personalized. Many of the new keys added to awaken the power of the Grand Key of Solomon are unique to you and only you. This means each copy of the Secret Handbook is different and useable only by its owner.

It can take some time to organize each copy, so each edition is a special request item.

Discover information such as:

• 49 Days Service and Evocation of the Highest Angels
• Receive your personalized magic squares that connects you personally with these mighty angels: angels of the throne, angels of the footstool, angels of the Divine Tablet, angels of the Divine Pen, angels of the Canopy of Greatness, angel Israfel, angel Michael, angel Gabriel, the Cherubim and the angels in charge of all spirits.
• The hidden key to working and unlocking the power of the various levels of Heaven. This like your own personal Merkava ritual.
• Receive your own personalized talismans for unleashing the powers of the seven heavens.
• Evocation of the Master Metatron based on the secrets of the Grand Key of Solomon
• Your own design of the Apron of Planetary Powers and its full consecration ritual.
• Possess the secret of the spiritual beings in charge of the nights and days & the Shamkhuthi names.
• Acquire the magic of the Jinn Servitor Hamanah
• The unwritten ancient formula for creating unique talismans for angels and jinn that are often found in old grimoires, but almost never explained.
• Unlock the secret of the Names of the Moons and the powerful conjuration of 12 Names in the Grand Key of Solomon
• How to create a talisman for the angels of the cloud.

This handbook gives every new or advanced magician an almost complete magical system for working with both heavenly and terrestrial powers.




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