Discover the Mysteries of the Grand Key of Solomon the King

by Asaph Ben Berechiah

Hardbound Printed Edition

Dear Fellow Seeker of Ancient Wisdom,

Are you ready to dive into the enchanting tales of 1001 Arabian Nights and explore the mysterious magical societies of the Moors? Today, I have some exciting news for you! You now have an exclusive opportunity to uncover the secrets of the legendary Grand Key of Solomon the King, authored by Asaph Ben Berechiah, the Vizier of King Solomon himself.

Imagine accessing the long-lost knowledge of the Grand Key of Solomon the King, available in English for the very first time! No more waiting for translations like Ghayat al-Hakim (Picatrix). You can be among the first to delve into the forbidden art of djinn evocation and learn the ancient rituals and incantations that have been secretly passed down through the ages.

With the Grand Key of Solomon the King in your hands, you’ll unlock:

  • Powerful names and seals that reveal the secrets of the heavens and awaken influential angelic forces
  • Rare and ancient wisdom that will elevate your spiritual practice and understanding
  • Step-by-step instructions for conjuring and mastering celestial and terrestrial spirits
  • Exclusive access to hidden regions and secret chants for mastery over the elements

So, are you prepared to uncover the mysteries of Asaph Ben Berechiah’s magic and tap into the power of the cosmos? Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you inside:

  • Learn the Names of Power on the Rod of Moses and take command of the elements
  • Awaken the Angels of Mercy with powerful incantations passed down through generations
  • Master the art of angelic and djinn evocation through detailed instructions and ancient seals
  • Unravel the secrets of the celestial heavens and the firmaments of the planets
  • Discover the true potential of the magical carpet and its powerful glyphs

This limited edition hardbound printed copy of the Grand Key of Solomon the King is a must-have for seekers of ancient wisdom, masters of the arcane, and those who yearn for the lost secrets of the ages. Don’t miss your chance to own this exclusive treasure.

So go ahead, order your copy now and embark on a mystical journey that will transform your understanding of the spiritual realm and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Unlock the mysteries of the Grand Key of Solomon the King. Get your copy now!



P.S. Remember, this exclusive hardbound edition is available for a limited time only. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of history and unlock the secrets of the cosmos. Order your copy now and begin your journey to mastery!


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