Dear Magician,

Geomancy is one of the few divination arts directly linked to the power of the jinn.

It has also been used as a powerful vehicle for spell casting.

People in the ancient world used sand or dice to get their answers.

In our modern world, the use of pen and paper has replaced sand.

The ancient dice is now a historical novelty or a tool reserved for the hard-core.


his is short-sighted. Let me explain why from my years of experience:

You might be using Geomancy to get an answer on an important business deal or relationship decision.

You might be using Geomancy to cast a spell for wealth or to help a friend or even help locate a missing person.

You want it to work and for that you need to get the four Mothers right. 

Get them wrong and the whole operation fails. You don’t want randomness. 

You expect Jinn guidance and the jinn does that through  your hands. 

You can try and do the automatic writing approach with pen and paper. 

It often works, but not always easy for people to do. It can also be complicated.

You need to enter a deep trance after the evocation and allow the jinn to move your hands.

You are often left with a mess of dots on the paper (no matter how hard you try).

You are not always sure about the number of dots on the page per line. 

I know. I’ve been there. It is time consuming and open to error.

Pen and paper is a very good technique, but not always the right technique.

What if you are doing a reading on a matter of deep personal significance. 

Your mind storm is raging just as you are trying to get it right.

Geomancy Dice solves all these issues.

They are easier to influence by the jinn. 

The jinn only need to influence your hands a few times compared to the tens of times during the dot method.

You can retain a deep state of trance while using them without having to worry about dots and lines.

There is no confusion at all about the answer. There is no dot counting error.

They work even if you don’t retain perfect zen like state.

They are more portable during travel and convenient for when you need to do an emergency reading.

There is a reason the ancients made the effort to create their own set. 

The reason stands today.  You can get your own set now.

These dice have been crafted by the same magician who has done the Ring of Solomon and Jan Rings.

They are not pre-fabricated. They are made by hand by special request.

They are crafted by a magician for other magicians.

Each set is made from pure copper or brass and is hand carved and etched.

Copper is one of the preferred metals for jinn magic. It is second only to silver.


 One more thing…

Let’s face it these are magical tools. You are using them with the jinn.

You will also need a suitable container for them. We got you covered.

You will also get a collector’s hand crafted Geomancy box.

The box is adorned with special jinn names.

This way the jinn connections stays strong and keep the dice charged.


I am also going to add one more gift from me to you.

I will include sixteen Jinn names that will super charge any Geomancy reading that you do. 

I will include the knock-knock audio file for these 16 Jinn.

I will include a bonus 40 minute Geomancy video you will not get anywhere else + additional PDF documents.

This bonus is for the first ten to get their Geomancy dice.


Dice are handcrafted and take time to make. Please allow time for your item to be made and shipped.




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