How I Combined Nineveh’s Arabian Magic

With “Intention-Imprinting” Technology To

Harness The Power Of Talismans, Mantras And

Rituals In MINUTES Instead Of Hours…

Explained In THREE Steps Below.

 Dear Family in White Magic Mastery,

My name is Arman, close friend and mentee of Nineveh Shadrach.

After years of experimentation combining what I’ve learned in Arabian Magic with Western “thought amplification” methods, I believe I’ve come upon a discovery that could, in just three steps taken in an exact, specific order… 

Reduce Your “Ritual Time” From The
Required Hours… To Mere Minutes…
And SPIKE Up Your Success Rate


It does not matter what magic you are doing.

It could be planetary magic, which normally requires hours of dedicated recitation of mantras designed to connect to and eventually resonate with cosmic forces.

Or it could be Jinn magic, with the required ordeal of repeating the “covenant names” for days on end… with no guarantee of success.

Or it could be simple intention-setting magic, where you require immediate solutions to life’s unexpected events and upsets.

So let me share what I’ve done to cut my own practice time to less than a TENTH of what would normally take… and… still generate astonishing manifestations and experiences:

Step 1: I print a geometric pattern that I call a “Thought Amplifying Pattern” – abbreviated to TAP (more on this below) – on simple A4.

I usually use one of fourteen total such patterns I have, each designed specifically to resonate with the particular planetary energy that governs and influences the life area I wish to manifest in.

I place it on the desk I am seated at, directly in front of me before starting the ritual.

 Step 2: I play a pre-recorded MP3 track in my own voice, chanting the Nuraniah-based mantras utilized in Arabian Magic.

With it, I am guided to consciously expand my aura, expanding my aura past the TAP pattern placed in front of me. This allows the Pattern to “pick-up” the thoughts that are brought to focus in my aura.

This pre-recorded MP3 track – one of fourteen tracks I will tell you about in a moment – chants specific mantras designed to connect me to the planetary rays.

Step 3: While the MP3 track plays, I am also holding a talisman of the planet in my hands, my palms facing upwards, with my eyes closed.

When the MP3 draws to a close, I place the talisman along with a printed photo of myself, and place them both at the CENTER of the “Thought Amplifying Pattern”, and then get on with my day.

It might sound simple, but let me tell you…


Even Years After First Discovering This Method,

The Speed Of The Results Still Continues

To Astonish Me.


I will explain the exact mechanics of HOW this works, and why it works so fast.

But before I do that, let me give you just a sample of what I’ve been able to accomplish… even before learning the Arabian Magical components I later incorporated into this approach…

⇒ I’ve manifested “dream clients” (those from Dubai are my favorite!) that helped me pay off my house and my car in a matter of a few short years… some through referrals, without cold-emailing or outreach…

I’ve regularly helped friends and loved ones get out of really tight interpersonal, financial and legal binds… shifting them to more ideal situations when time was of the essence…

⇒ I’ve created “desirable” new personality traits in myself to replace ones that used to cripple my progress forward, seemingly with the speed of changing one movie to another in my mind’s “hard-drive” (yes, in a matter of minutes!)…

I’ve achieved depths of inner work and ‘trauma healing’ in myself that would have taken years of therapy to “maybe” accomplish…

⇒ I’ve used this method to expand my circle of friends and my network of accomplished, generous and influential allies…

I’ve used this method to “unexpectedly” reunite with the love of my life after being YEARS apart, without resorting to mind-games, manipulations and with my integrity fully intact…

⇒ Upon learning and incorporating Arabian magical principles, I’ve used this method to quickly connect with the “covenant sounds” of such rites as the Conjuration of Birhatiah, Sebaseb and others, without spending days on end practicing… and still manifesting amazing experiences…

I’ve used this method to do away with weak, debilitating planetary influences in my chart. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve been reborn with a more supportive, luckier horoscope!

⇒ I’ve used this method to connect more deeply with the planets, to where I can literally feel their vital currents, their intelligence, passing through me from the first minute…

I’ve used and continue to use this method to establish a deeper connection and relationship with Rouhaniah, the all-pervading, intelligence Life Force of the Universe, turning my life into an enchanted script “on autopilot”…

And so much more I can’t list here for levity’s sake!

So, now you may be asking, smart and skeptical as I know you are, how this approach replaces the “necessary hours” required to put into a magical practice.

I promised earlier to get into the mechanisms, so here it is:

This is what I personally believe happens when you meditate, focus on a thought or affirm while physically in close proximity to a TAP pattern, or even a simple talisman printed on paper:

The pattern printed and placed in front of you, through machinations that I am not going to get into here, “picks up” your thoughts, but more importantly, your INTENT.

In effect, the pattern is designed to be an extension of your focus… an extension of your Mind.

As it picks up your intention, it focuses your thought and amplifies it, and will serve as a “Focus-Clone” that does the meditating for you, even as you are mentally occupied minutes later with other activities.

It is as though the TAP meditates and focusses on the thought instead of you… replicating the same (or even better) effect of doing the focusing and meditating and mantra reciting directly YOURSELF.

Now, to be sure, this is not mistake-proof and… like all methods… there are pitfalls and definite no-no’s that can spell failure.

Listing them here along with all their nuanced explanations is beyond the scope of this letter.

Which is why, after many months of deliberation, prayer and eventual discussion with Nineveh, I decided that the best way I could teach about these pitfalls and guide you through every step, guided meditation and talismanic empowerment correctly, is through offering a four-week long group coaching.

But only if you’re among the first readers of this page to act.

So, from my heart to yours, allow me to introduce…


 The “Focus-Cloning Method” Coaching

Program To Revolutionize Your Magic: Starting

November 22nd-December 22nd, Mountain Time

(US, Colorado)


Each week on Zoom, each Saturday Mountain Time starting the 22nd (exact time to be specified to students), we will have a group coaching presentation, where I take you through each of the preliminary preparation steps.

I will guide you through each ritual, using the exact tools you will also be given to print out, along with real life day-to-day examples.

These coaching calls will be recorded, so do not worry if you miss out.

In addition, you will receive the following:


 YEARS of experimentation in the making, this is my no-nonsense, step-by-step guide on how to put everything into action, what to expect, what pitfalls to avoid and how to practically GUARANTEE your success every single time.

 You will learn how to use the MP3s, in combination with the talisman and radionics print-outs to accelerate your manifestations. It won’t matter if you are attempting Jinn magic, or simple planetary empowerment… … or even just normal day-to-day intentions!

 It’s all right here, requiring ZERO experience and made plug-and-play simple.


 Test results are officially in: 14 Talismans, two per planet, in signs where the planet is at full strength. After YEARS of testing and trying one planetary talisman after another, these are the most powerful, fastest-charging planetary talismans I’ve ever constructed.

 Inspired by hours of consultation with my beloved teacher-friend Nineveh Shadrach, and incorporating principles learned from the incredible “360 Celestial Jinn” course as well as his seminal book “Magic That Works”, in my PDF guide, I explain step-by-step EXACTLY how to use these, in combination with mp3 tracks I’ve personally created and use regularly for myself (more below) for incredible results in just about any life area you can imagine.


Okay, so you’ve printed out your planetary talismans. Great.

Now, while holding them, listen to these hypnotic, relaxing MP3s where I chant planet-specific prayers constructed from the Arabian system of `Ilm-ul huruf al-Nuraniyah (or… the science of the Letters of Light) in the way I instruct you to in the guide.

As you close your eyes and listen to the MP3s, your aura will be guided into expansion, and the talismans you hold in your hands will be bathed in your aura and charged like never before, allowing them to become extensions of your Will, your declaration of CHANGE in the cosmos, and Reality itself will rearrange and reshuffle to meet you.

These can then be used by carrying on your person wherever you go for autopilot empowerment, OR… they could be used with the radionic schematics below for MAXIMUM results in MINIMUM time.


Alright, this is where the fun REALLY begins. Got access to a printer? Good. The hard part is done. No need to go and purchase complicated and expensive radionic equipment that go in the thousands of dollars. Simple radionic print-outs (in the way I designed them) work JUST as well if not better – for reasons I will demonstrate in the PDF guide.

Simply print out SEVEN especially-created radionic schematics, or what I call “Thought Amplifiers”, each made specifically to resonate with each of the SEVEN planets, and then place the pictures of yourself and the talisman of your choice in specific locations on the design, and then simply “set and forget” while it does the rest of the work.


This alone will be worth the price of the entire tuition.

If you are among the first to take action and invest in yourself, you will be given unlimited access to my email for a full coaching experience as I answer any and every question you might and guide you on the journey from Beginner to Full Mastery.



Please note, this offer is going to Nineveh’s list of well-over 1000 email subscribers. Spots will be filled out FAST, and by the time you read this, it might already be too late.

If you can still use the check-out button below this page and it is visible, it means you are still in luck and shouldn’t delay further.

Here’s the deal: What you will learn and use in this coaching package is what I personally use for myself and my loved ones.

I’ve never thought to turn it into an “offer” to be made available to the public like this before.

I have my own thriving business consultancy practice, and that keeps me busy enough as it is, and this is not how I make my living.

As you can imagine, there are only so many students I can take and pay direct attention to for a whole month… before… it eats up precious time I’ll need to allocate to other tasks.

So in the interest of keeping the quality of my coaching and tending to my students at a constant peak, Nineveh and I have agreed that this offer is going to be featured on his website ONLY until all 20 spots 16 remaining spots are filled up.

After that, I will have to pull the plug and FOCUS on the students who took action.

At first, Nineveh and I decided on a $1797 tuition for the program.

I hope you’ll agree, that’s practically a steal, when you consider how much TIME and EFFORT you’ll be able to save with your Talismanic Magic, your affirmations, your planetary empowerments… not just in practice-time, but in the time it takes to create RESULTS!

Imagine… whether you’re doing this for financial windfalls, “rewiring” unfavorable and difficult influences in your birth chart, magnifying your charisma and attractiveness, enhancing desirable personality traits or a general shift to more friendly realities…

• Never being daunted by the magnitude of what you want to manifest, or the magic you want to evoke, ever again…

• Experiencing your innate magical abilities in an entirely new way, a way that even years from now will continue to astonish you…

• Approach every ritual from a place of JOY instead of desperation, knowing from repeat-experience that success is a sure-thing, virtually guaranteed…

• Going about your day with supreme confidence knowing that you’re getting the same level of empowerment from a few MINUTES of “work” that you would have gotten from hours of repetitive, focused practice…

• Turning your ritual space into a veritable “Destiny Dashboard”, where YOU get to unapologetically decide absolutely any outcome in any life area your heart desires…

• Filling your waking hours with a deep feeling of safety and certainty about your future as the “Intention-Imprinting” approach using the Thought Amplifiers forges an increasingly deep, unbreakable relationship with planetary forces in your life…

• And that’s just the start…

Oh, but it gets better!

If you are one of the first to invest in yourself, you can enjoy all the above guidance, AND the destiny-altering benefits, AND the unlimited email coaching with me for an entire month, for…

A “Fast-Mover” Tuition of Just…


That’s a full (and rest assured, very temporary) $1200 discount.


Once you put through your order, you will be immediately taken to a download page, where the guide, the 14 crucially important MP3 tracks, talismans, “Thought Amplifier” schematics and my personal email await…

… and from there, a life that will undergo rapid-fire change towards the better, at a speed that will astonish you and your loved ones.

So don’t wait. The time for that is NOW.

From my heart to yours, and at your destiny’s service,


Arman Bahrani


PS – I cannot stress this enough, there are ONLY 20 spots 3 spots left. So… when do YOU think would be a good time to make likely one of the most important investments in your magical journey?



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