Money challenge can strike at any time. One day you’re doing fine and the next day you’ve lost your job.

Money isn’t that important spiritually speaking. It is just digits and dirty paper. As magicians, we work and focus on more sublime things.

This is why many magicians often feel agitated by the way of life in our modern society.

However, when the flow of money is cut off things become real – fast.

This is especially true when the magician has children dependent on him or her. 

Go hungry long enough and even the most aloof of wizards will start summoning to turn things around.

I’ve seen magicians who even begin to feel like if they can’t even feed themselves and pay their bills with magic then what is the point of being a magician.

The truth is money magic or wealth magic requires practice. You can’t wait till the last moment to start manifesting with it.

It is the same with the Jinn. You can’t ignore them until things fall apart and then expect them to aid you instantly.

When the magic doesn’t do what you wanted, it isn’t a failure on your part or the magic. 

You just weren’t prepared. 

This is why four years ago I released the Jinn Money Spell. 

I wanted to give my fellow magicians one of my personal secrets for quickly turning things around when the cycle points downward.


The spell calls on benevolent jinn in time of dire financial need to flip that trend upward.

It isn’t designed for quick cash to buy a new car or big TV.

It is designed to make sure that your financial safety net stays there so you can focus on other things.

The money can manifest in many ways, but what is important is that it will be there.

The instructions comes with no frill video and ebook.

It is to the point technical step-by-step guide. 

I explain everything in an hour video and give you the entire procedure.

Like all emergency tool kits you should have it ready before the financial fire strikes. 

This way when the need arise you can break the glass, do the spell, and put it out.

It has been four years since anyone could get their hands on this. 

It maybe another four years before you could get your hands on this again.

This is a unique method that I haven’t revealed anywhere else. 

If you’re independently wealth and confident that nothing will ever happen in your life time to change that then you don’t need this.

If you’re like the rest of us, then like a fire extinguisher, it will give you a peace of mind to know you have something to fall back on in an emergency.




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