Master the Art of Jinn Magic with Solomon’s Lost Manuscript

Dear Esteemed Magician,

Imagine unearthing a tome that has whispered through the corridors of time, a manuscript that has ignited imaginations and fueled the pursuits of the greatest magicians throughout history.

This cursed tome was discovered in 1969 in the historic Mudejar Palace, “Casa de la Encomienda” in Ocaña, Toledo province, Spain. Hidden and buried, it was intended to be lost forever. Dating back to around 1428 C.E., this manuscript was written in 10th-century African Arabic.

‘The Miscelaneo de Salomon,’ a tome of ancient lore and arcane secrets, is now within your grasp. This isn’t just a reading experience; it’s an invitation to partake in a legacy that has shaped the mystical arts.

Buried for centuries and shrouded in mystery, this manuscript holds the keys to secrets that have been sought after by occultists and scholars alike.

As you turn each page, you’re not just absorbing knowledge; you’re reclaiming a piece of history that was nearly lost to the sands of time.

This book is a bridge between the ancient and the modern, weaving together the spiritual and the practical, the mystical and the tangible.

For occultists and students of Jinn magic, this text offers a unique chance to connect with ancient knowledge and mysteries

What makes this volume so unique and important?

At its core, this book profoundly narrates King Solomon’s control over the Jinn and Shiateen, key to Jinn magic. Solomon’s detailed interactions with these entities are more than stories; they’re a blueprint for mastering similar powers. It provides practical insights into binding and commanding the Jinn, essential for your magical practice.

Blending Spiritual and Occult Wisdom: This book merges spiritual and occult realms. It combines Islamic spiritual insights with practical occult practices. Divine names, sacred invocations, and symbols in this text are invaluable for those in the esoteric arts.

Learn from King Solomon, a master of Jinn magic, known for his wisdom and magical skill. His teachings in this book provide unique insights into mastering unseen forces. Studying these methods gives you unparalleled insight and skill in magical practices.

Discover Hidden Mysteries: Explore and master secrets hidden for centuries in this book. Revelations from the Jinn and Shiateen offer lessons on the deeper, unseen forces in the world. This compendium is rich in knowledge and practices from the mystical arts of Jinn magic.

The narrative offers vivid descriptions and specific remedies. They give practical insights into dealing with these powerful beings.

Additionally, the book includes 72 black and white illustrations, each depicting one of the 72 Jinn. These illustrations are not just artistic representations; they are visual guides to the entities you will learn about and potentially engage with in your practice. They serve as a powerful tool for visualization, aiding in your understanding and connection with each Jinn’s unique essence and energy.

In essence, this book is an invaluable treasure for practitioners of Jinn magic and those interested in the occult. It’s a bridge between the ancient and the modern, the spiritual and the practical, the mystical and the tangible.

Seize this Rare Chance: Limited Edition of Solomon’s Manuscript

Unveiling this remarkable volume marks a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After being out of print for over 15 years, this treasured work, revered by occult practitioners and Jinn magic scholars, is now back in print. However, the chance to own it is critically limited, only 72 copies are available, each priced symbolically at $72. This isn’t just a book; it’s a rare collector’s item, a tangible link to the mystical legacy of the 72 Jinn, imbued with profound teachings and wisdom.

Immediate Action Required: Only 72 Copies Exist

The clock is ticking. With just 72 copies in existence, hesitation means missing out. This is your unique opportunity to possess a piece of esoteric history, to be among the select few who will hold the profound wisdom of Solomon and explore the enigmatic world of the Jinn.

Invest in Esoteric Wisdom

Your purchase is more than just acquiring a book; it’s an investment in rare knowledge, a significant step in your journey of esoteric exploration. Filled with detailed narratives, insightful practices, and 72 striking full-page illustrations, this book is an unparalleled guide into the depths of Jinn magic.

Last Call for Occultist

As a seasoned practitioner or an avid learner, missing out on this book isn’t an option. It’s more than just an addition to your library; it’s the key to unlocking ancient mysteries and a portal to transformative power.

Act Now: Secure Your Copy Before It’s Too Late

Do not delay. With only 72 copies available, this window of opportunity is closing fast. This unique piece of occult history is just within your reach, but only if you act immediately. Secure your copy now, step into the doorway of ancient magic and transformation, and own a piece of the mystical tradition that will never be printed again.

Remember, once these 72 copies are gone, they are gone forever. Don’t let this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of the arcane slip away. Act now, and secure your place in the annals of occult history.

Limited Copies Available



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