Berhatiah: Magus Keys to the Most Revered Conjuration

The Berhatiah is one of the most quoted evocation in Near Eastern magic. Almost no Arabic manuscript or book dealing with magic is devoid of praise and mention of this ancient conjuration. It’s said to have been used before the flood and then transmitted over to King Solomon. The legends around it are many and it has received many titles of veneration and respect.

The conjuration attracts jinn to the mage and manifest numerous terrestrial and underworld spirits. Some have felt a level of empowering like never before with any other kind of conjuration as if they have tapped into an ancient stream of magic. This conjuration has given many budding apprentices taste of what it would be like if they had the power of legendary wizards like Merlin or King Solomon.

All conjurations come with servitors listed in the conjuration. This is the exception. The various grimoires refers the jinn servicing the conjuration, but doesn’t name them. There is one exception to this. A text attributed to the famous mystic and master Ibn Arabi. It gives the actual servitor of this conjuration as the jinn king Berjwan.

Through this report and webinar I will reveal to you the following rare mysteries:

  • The ancient servitor of each of the 28 names listed. You can now enlist all the servitors or just work one name for tailored magical workings.
  • The unique 28 names used in conjunction with the Berhatiah to get the attention of thousands of jinn. It’s like turning a massive bomb to the mother of all bombs – magical speaking.
  • The extended abjuration for all the servitors of the 28 names. Get faster results in retreats, spells, and personal magical empowerment.
  • How to integrate the name of Berjwan into the conjuration to make contact with this ancient and noble king. This secret was kept hidden until now.
  • The secret names to call on Berjwan and have serious manifestations. This alone will pump the magical power you’re putting out like steroids.
  • The Golden Mean form of all of the above names and words for those who want maximum results via maximum magical potency.

Join us in the webinar as I help you pronounce all these words as well as reveal more secrets on how to make use of all of this for direct magical results. It doesn’t matter if your goals are sublime or mundane. You’ll walk away with transformation master tool in your hands. Rock the magic like a legend.

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