“Unlock the Power of Magnetic Influence:

Triple Your Charm in Business and Love with a Revolutionary 20-Minute Practice! 

From: The e-desk of Coach Arman Bahrani, friend and protégé of Nineveh Shadrach,

To: All practitioners in magic, new or experienced…

Welcome, esteemed practitioners of the Arcane Arts, to a journey of unparalleled transformation and mastery.

As powerfully attractive as you’ve become from deploying what I teach in this course, and from practicing the guided meditation I am going to give you…

Prepare to embark on a transformative odyssey where genuine connection and authentic allure reign supreme.

Discover the secrets to irresistible charisma and magnetic presence unlike any crash course in attraction psychology.

Unveil the mysteries of human interaction and unlock the keys to profound influence beyond mere insights into the human psyche.

I prefer to provide practical methods that align with genuine connection rather than relying on superficial tactics.

While I may not adhere to conventional pickup artist routines, I offer strategies rooted in authenticity and respect.

 Instead, I will simply give you the “embodied attraction” energy secret I learned about many years ago has allowed me to date many, many dozens of drop-dead gorgeous, highly intelligent, well-to-do women.

I am talking yoga instructors, authors, artists, strippers, entrepreneurs, an adult industry actress-turned-author, and even a few who were involved in the political sphere (I wonder if you’d know them if I mentioned them?!)…

They’ve all taught me so much, and they prepared me for the best: Dina, the absolute love of my life, to whom I am now devotedly married.

 I did all this, without resorting to “pickup artist” routines, and honestly, the very thought of being caught “peacocking” the opposite sex for attention makes me ill.

No judgement for those who do. Especially if they can pull it off without coming across as creepy.

It’s just not my style, nor in my arsenal of abilities.

My introverted nature has led me to develop techniques that prioritize genuine connections over flashy displays.

Oh, and I am hardly Brad Pitt.

I never had much of a genetic advantage, nor a financial one, nor one that screamed “social proof!”

Instead, I was…

Armed With Only One Advantage:

The Rouhaniah (Energy) Advantage

  Unlock unparalleled charisma, magnetism, and attractiveness effortlessly, without the need for any external spirits.

 … And without resorting to traditional “seduction” techniques…

 … then you need to know that there is absolutely nothing like what I am about to disclose to you available anywhere online, period.

Experience the profound impact of this method on those around you, as you radiate power and influence effortlessly.

A decade ago, I began crafting the foundations of this revolutionary method… (a very watered-down version that did not include the Arabian magic square talismanic component) for a very select group of friends in whose hands I trusted the information.

I was not at all planning to go full-blown public with it. I was far too busy with my digital content-strategy consulting practice and didn’t want to “rock that boat” by distracting myself.

But a few months ago, serendipitously realizing that I had lost some old files with that course among them, I got curious about some of my older students.

It was then that I asked one of my old students and good friend from Canada, Swarup, on whether he still had a copy, and to send it to me if he did. Without prompting him, this is what he said:

I got even more curious, and decided to follow up with another student of mine, to ask about his results:

For those who are single, you’ll likely experience remarkable changes. Your feedback, like ‘Arman, you’re a genius!’, is greatly appreciated.Again, what THEY got was a far more “watered down” version of this method.

This method is tailored for those seeking genuine personal growth rather than superficial ‘pick up’ tactics.

Instead, this is a “pick YOU up” method, using nothing but cultivated energy.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to share this transformative knowledge with the world…

Now don’t get me wrong: This is NOT mind-control.

People will continue having their free will around you.

But people are primally predisposed to respond to energy.

It’s a deep subconscious, overriding drive.

This is why this information is powerful. And the method is deadly effective. While you have the ability to control this method at your discretion, many find it naturally compelling to maintain its activation due to the positive effects it brings.

 Why? Because it feels too wonderful not to. It would feel like switching off the TV in the middle of a very fun show.

You’ll likely find this newfound enhancement to your life irresistible, with its promises of increased intimacy, respect, and positive attention.

You’ll keep the attraction-switch on the “On”, and when that happens, there is no defense against it.

Just remember that I have a strong commitment to ethical use of this method, ensuring it benefits individuals and relationships positively, without harm or manipulation.

Now you may ask…

Why Have I Decided To Bring This Out To

The Public Light From Deep Obscurity?

Here’s the thing: Relationships fascinate me. Relationships are everything. And I make it a point of learning everything I can about them.

Yet over the last few years, I’ve been following digital social trends in the relationship space very closely, with deep dismay.

Observing the challenges in modern relationships, particularly evident on social media, has inspired me to share this transformative method to foster deeper connections and healing.

Despite the challenges in various aspects of life, including relationships, there’s hope for positive change through understanding and utilizing the Rouhaniah of Attraction.

In the process, so many have basically just given up on the idea of intimacy, and that breaks my heart.

So I got to thinking:

Maybe Much Of The Healing Will Depend On People Using The Rouhaniah Of Attraction To Create Amazing New Shared Experiences!

You see, it’s been my observation that men and women are resentful towards each other because the dating world leaves much to be desired.

People step into the “sexual marketplace” wanting to be seen, to feel like they matter, that they have a fighting chance to be loved, and to find love, to make their dent in the Universe and to have a loving partner (or partners) to do that with.

Yet many walk away from that world feeling “compared”, small, rejected. Some are even traumatized.

“Drawing from my personal experience, I’ve discovered a powerful tool for attraction that relies solely on harnessing your own energy.

This is energy that you get to build in your body, and then “program” with cellular instructions, and then radiate outwards.

This method enables you to transcend societal expectations and connect authentically with others, regardless of social status.

This method empowers you to showcase your genuine qualities, attracting others with your unique charisma and authenticity.

This method opens doors to meaningful connections and diverse experiences, enriching your understanding of human relationships.

The common “human thread” connecting us all will reveal itself to you.

I’m motivated to share this method as a means of fostering greater understanding and harmony between genders, contributing to positive social change.

It’s way contribution to healing the world.

So here’s what’s happening: Currently, I am updating the course, and the talismans. I am making the method vastly more powerful.

The course will be available for purchase until Wednesday, April 4th, with a special discount offered exclusively on this website.

By following these methods, you can anticipate experiencing positive changes such as:

  •  You will become vastly more charismatic, magnetic, attractive and alluring, without even “trying” or changing anything else about you… 
  •  You will have a MUCH easier time ascending the “social totem pole” in your friend’s circles… 
  •  You will find yourself gradually surrounded by more powerful, influential and just “mysteriously” healthier people that love to have you around… 
  •  You will find that you can somehow “work a room” more effortlessly, even if you’ve suffered from low self-esteem and crippling shyness up until yesterday! 
  •  If you are not single, you will find that your romantic partner might feel far more turn-on, attraction, willingness to defer to you and cooperate with you… 
  • For those who are single, you’ll likely experience remarkable changes. Your feedback, like ‘Arman, you’re a genius!’, is greatly appreciated.
  •   Additionally, there are surprise benefits awaiting you that I’ve chosen not to reveal here. You’ll have to experience them firsthand 😉

 Now, again, I AM going to be selling this to the general public, on my personal upcoming website, which I am currently working on updating now. 

The course is priced at $497 on my upcoming website. Enrollees will be required to fill out a form and agree to an NDA to ensure responsible use.

Again, I want this only in serious and responsible hands. 

As a subscriber to Nineveh’s list, you have exclusive access to a $200 discount on the entire course until April 4th! Act quickly to secure your savings.


You Can Get The Entire Course At A Full

$200 Discount Until April4th!


After we hit the date and I send the course to the first enrolled students, I will pull this page down from Nineveh’s website, and you’ll only be able to find this course at full price on my own website.

 Here’s what you’re getting:


  •   The updated “Attract Them Without Seduction” course, including the PDF and video tutorial:
  •  The “Energy-Body Amplifier” guided meditation for Phase 1 of this process: Here, we will start working with ‘filling’ your energy body for what’s to follow. This is the magic key to it all.
  • The “Love-Obstacle Nullifier” guided meditation for Phase 2, complete with Arabian mantras to help remove any obstacle that gets in the way of the new life-script you’re about to embark on…
  •  The “Magnetism And Charisma Amplifier” guided meditation for Phase 3, complete with mantras to emblaze the Rouhaniah of Attraction into your DNA.
  •  The Talismans for the Love-Obstacle Nullifier, the Magnetism and Charisma Amplifier, and a specially created Talisman of Venus to empower it all.
  •  Relaxing Arabian Mantra MP3s that are designed for you to sleep to as they work their irresistible magic on your subconscious, shifting you to a new life-track of romantic abundance every morning you wake up. Those alone will create a profound shift in you.
  • One whole month of unlimited email support!

Again, nothing prepares you for this. Nothing like this is available anywhere online. Nothing holds a candle to this in the power of magnetism and attraction in will put in your hands.


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