MAHDIEL: The “Unfair Angelic Advantage” In

Jinn Conjuration

Could connecting with this ONE holy entity render a newcomer

to Jinn magic even more successful than advanced conjurers?

To: All adepts (new and advances) in Jinn Magick,

From: The Sanctum of Nineveh Shadrach,

RE: Urgent news about a little-used, powerful shortcut to success with the Jinn


Dear Students – New and Advanced,

Pay attention to the following sentence very carefully.

It’s a sentence that encompasses within itself ALL of magic.

It’s a sentence that’s the deciding factor between a newbie who is prodigiously, “unfairly” successful, and an adept who, being advanced, nonetheless struggles.

It’s a sentence that spells make-or-break, progress-or-inertia, safety-or-harm in all your magickal undertakings.

It’s a sentence that writes you daily miracle checks, or dooms you to the poverty of the mundane.

Ready for it? Here it is (put it down to memory):


Your Success in Magic is Directly Tied To Your Capacity To Engage In It

As A Game Of Spiritual “Public Relations”


The more you focus on making this your compass, the more you focus on building connections with very specific entities, the more powerful and successful your conjurations become.

Why? Because this is akin to wanting to progress in the world with a rolodex of powerful people in your network, opposed to doing so without.

Progress can still be made as a “lone wolf”, sure. But IF it is to be made at all, it won’t be made as quickly, or as effectively, or as practically without grit, staying power and a rare, solid will of pure iron.

Magic is no different.

And of all the connections you can cultivate in magic… connections that ensure seemingly effortless success after success in your Jinn conjuring…

Connecting With Angel Mahdiel Just Might Be One of The Most Magically Consequential And Important.

Only (fortunately) you don’t need a loooooooong list of the powerful who’s-who in the spirit world to get where you want to go on your journey.

Often it can take a small handful of connections with powerful Jinn, or with their Watcher overlords.

It can even take connecting with just ONE.


And why single out Mahdiel, you ask?

After all, there are other Watchers (that he shares his divine duties with), which include legendary beings such as the mighty Metatron, the untouchable Tahitmeghilial, and the enigmatic Kees.

First, let’s start with a fundamental premise in conjuration magick: Jinn-working is not plug-and-play. Treating this stuff like playing video games is an all-too-common pitfall.

The reality is walking the occult path (including Jinn conjuration) can sometimes feel like navigating a maze in the dark.

Sometimes, even after undertaking all the “right” ritualistic preparations, dietary abstinences and memorizing of complex recitations, our calls to the Jinn can echo back unanswered, leaving us dejected before a stubbornly silent wall.

For many, giving up becomes an all-too-tempting proposition.

I say don’t be one of them!

For it is exactly at these lowest of points that a whisper from Mahdiel can become a roar.

With Mahdiel’s celestial backing, your voice gains the angelic authority that can turn the ears of even the mightiest Jinn Kings towards you.

To Connect With Mahdiel is to Infuse Your Jinn Conjuration With Irresistible, Inexorable Divine Intervention.

This divine intervention – which functions as a hotline to the Jinn and can turn a failing ritual into a successful one and make miracles the “new normal” – is what Mahdiel can unlock for you.

And now for the question of how…

How could one establish contact with an angel that even Google has no info on?

Ahah! Come with me as I unfurl before your eyes a rare Arabic manuscript… a treasure in the truest sense of the word… that would have been buried under the sands of human negligence over the millennia had I not heeded the call of the Jinn decades ago.

The parchment, scented with the echoes of centuries, carries within it secrets of angelic talismans, so unique and profound that they’re seldom found even in the deepest recesses of Arabic magical literature.

With every stroke of the ancient scribe’s quill, the manuscript promises a profound journey into the angelic realm.

From it, I extrapolated (and successfully tested) what I needed in order to craft…

An Energetically Potent,
Talismanic Kit That Serves As Your Cosmic GPS To Mahdiel

A significant part of this kit is a specially designed talisman, but it’s no ordinary piece of paper.

This talisman isn’t just any ephemeral piece of paraphernalia.

Printed on a substantial 15×20 inch canvas of high-quality cotton, this talisman is designed to last, to stand the test of time as your companion on this spiritual journey.

The use of archival ink ensures that the symbols and inscriptions, each carrying an immense celestial symbolism, do not fade away but continue to work their magic for years to come after you charge it.

Just use the included authentic evocation that is sourced from classical sources, enabling you to call upon Mahdiel in the most potent of ways.

Carry this talisman with you as a constant reminder of Mahdiel, use it in your sacred space, or place it under your pillow to invite angelically inspired dreams.

This talisman is not just an accessory; it is an integral part of your connection to the divine.

To make this celestial journey even more rewarding, I’m including some heavenly extras:

  • Golden Means: Powerful invocations for Mahdiel, Metatron, and Tahitmeghilial to attract and connect with these divine beings.
  • Names of Angelic Aides: Discover the heavenly allies in your corner.
  • Unique Jinn Evocations: To summon the Ummar (Resident Jinn) and Qareens of other people. Unveil the secrets of both known and unknown souls by summoning their Qareen.


Now, dear seeker, for the crucial question: Are you ready to embrace this angelic leverage, to bask in the celestial light of Mahdiel, and let his divine influence shape the success of your Jinn conjurations (and the rest of your spiritual journey)?

Please bear in mind: Unlike many talismans and sigils that you might come across in numerous witchcraft or occult books, or even with a simple Google search, this talisman is not a common charm.

Its uniqueness is rooted in history, derived from the hidden depths of a rare Arabic manuscript.

It’s not a piece of magic mass-produced for the masses, but rather a unique piece for your personal magical journey.

Moreover, because of its rarity, it is not a talisman that has been used and discarded by thousands.

It’s more like an exclusive hand crafted watch – held by only a handful of individuals.

This unique characteristic gives it an extra edge, a distinct aura that can potentially make your experiences even more profound and impactful.

So, are you ready to be one of the rare souls to possess this unique talisman and utilize its divine power?

Are you prepared to dive deeper into the celestial dance with an exclusive companion?

Then heed the sweet call of commitment to this celestial journey within the next 24 hours, and you can avail a special discount of 20% off.

To activate this offer, just use the code displayed below.

Input: Mah20 at Checkout to Save 20% on This Package!








Don’t see a code?

Unfortunately, that means the offer has expired. But don’t let that deter you!

The extraordinary value that this unique talisman and the divine experience it offers will add to your spiritual journey. That is truly priceless.

Click on that link below and begin your celestial expedition towards enlightenment and life mastery.

Don’t just stand on the shore; dive into the ocean of divine wisdom.


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Yours In Cosmic Love,

Nineveh Shadrach


PS: Here are a few common questions, and my answers to them.


Q: “How experienced in magic do I need to be to make this work?”

 A: If you’re just starting on this path, this unique talisman and its celestial backing can provide – not only an incredible boost, increasing your chances of success and greatly enhancing your interactions with the world of the Jinn – but also a head-start that I wish I was gifted with when I started on this path.

As for the seasoned practitioner, it’s a rare opportunity to augment your spiritual practice with something truly unique, a celestial link not readily available, even in many esoteric circles.

So, beginner or advanced, don’t let the notion of ‘experience’ deter you. This celestial journey is about connection, not credentials.


Q: What’s the time commitment I need to put to in to make this work?

 A: In today’s busy world, it’s natural to wonder if you have enough hours in your day to devote to your spiritual pursuits.

But let me reassure you, working with Mahdiel and leveraging the power of this unique talisman doesn’t require you to spend hours in daily ritual.

This particular approach is flexible and can be seamlessly integrated into your routine.

Whether you can spare five minutes during your coffee break or dedicate an hour in the quiet of the night, you’ll find this journey compatible with your schedule.

The key is consistency, not the quantity of time spent. As you form this divine connection, even the smallest actions can create ripples in the celestial spheres. And over time, these ripples become waves of transformation.

So, regardless of your schedule, don’t let time hold you back. The divine doesn’t run by the clock, and neither should your spiritual journey.

Remember, the most profound spiritual journeys start with a simple step. Who knows, this could be the step to propels you towards the summit of spiritual enlightenment.  If it was me, I’d just take the plunge!


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