The Berhatiah is one of the oldest and most powerful conjurations known in occultism.

It continues to be recommended for and used by thousands of magicians through the centuries.

The great master of Arabic occultism Ahmed  al-Buni told us why in his book the Exegesis of  the Berhatiah:



a) It is the conjuration that has been relied on since ancient times to produce tangible results;

b) The people of antiquity referred to it as the ancient covenant and a great binding, because they believed no spirit can refuse it;

c) It is nicknamed the red sulfur and linked with the magical version of the Philosopher Stone;

d) It is claim to fame date back to before King Solomon, but it is believed he used it too. 


The Ancient Conjuration: Beginner’s Guide to the Berhatiah is one of the best primers for both new and experienced magicians.

You get your hands on that one conjuration that can literally meet almost all of your magical and mundane needs. 

The book will reveal some of the deeper secrets of the conjuration, plus give you the keys to unlock and unleash its power.

It also contains an analysis of the names to help you navigate the variations often found in Arabic manuscripts.

Receive the designs for 28 master talismans for the Berhatiah. These talismans are one of a kind and can take your magic to a whole new level.

Finally, receive a full translation of al-Buni’s official book: the Exegesis of the Berhatiah.  

The Exegesis of the Berhatiah provides an authentic rendition of the conjuration.

It is also full of practical ways to use the conjurations and names for all kinds of needs. 

It is a master toolbox of sorcerery for those looking for practical needs.

 The book comes in hardcover and will be shipped to your address. This is not a digital book.



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