My heart has grown deeply attached to the spiritual arts. I acquired knowledge of most of its rules from twelve saints, the Ghawth, and the Awtad before I was twenty. I then submerged myself in its conjurations, incantations, magic squares, and supplications, surmounting its obstacles (this was after perseverance and hard work, and with the aid of the providence of Allah, Ever Merciful and Kind), until I reached the age of seventy-three.

I saw therein strange and wondrous things, the explanation of which is lengthy and not needed here, since the objective of this book is to provide useful supplications that attract benefit and ward off harm and by which you can achieve all that is good, by the permission of the Lord of the earth and the heavens, and that I myself have tested. 

I return to the mentioning of the conjurations and adjurations we have tested, the first of which is The Adjuration of the Supreme Lights, of which is unequalled and can be used for anything, be it good or evil.

Yusuf Muhammad al-Hindi, of Shandawil Island

Discover the following:

  •  The Adjuration of the Supreme Lights and its 16 angels.
  • The luminous letters of power whose value is 693
  • The lineage of the Berhatiah conjuration from Adam to al-Sha’rani
  • The connection between Adam, Eve, and Saturn.
  • An extended and unique rendition of the classical Berhatiah
  • The powerful Litany of Blessing for spiritual ascension. 
  • The powerful planetary impact of al-jawzahar and al-nawbahar
  • The proper process for working with the 7 jinn kings and ruling angels with an evocation.
  • The Great Conjuration of Mars with the names of its seals, idhmar, and unique incense

You can with the power of these conjurations:


  • Rule over the seven kings that serve the days and their savants
  • Release those who are  magically bound
  • Release blockages in people’s lives
  • Open hidden treasures
  • Terminate all barriers
  • Bring the absentee and lost
  • Conquer the enemy
  • Patch up marriages
  • Facilitate income

Then will come to you people whose skin is green and whose garb is green. Be strong in heart and mind, if you were at the names or the conjuration then increase the intensity and power. 

During the night you will see people come to you with bows in their hands and with archers. They will fire at you and will not harm you with anything, because it is all illusions and they are not doing anything. They will leave you. 

Once it is Isha period, you will see the retreat filled with gold, silver, and expensive jewels. Do not take anything from it. Each night they will come to you with expensive metals and they want you to take something from it, but do not take anything. Once you pray the morning prayer of the seventh day, you will see people come at you from behind you. 

Recite the verse of the Throne and hurry with the recitation of the conjuration. They will say to you, Ask what you want? Say to them, my need is before my Lord.  I want you to be my aid in anything I want from the affairs of the world or the hereafter. They will ask of you a covenant that you will not discharge them in anything in disobedience of Allah.

 At that point, give them their covenant. They will give you a ring whose smell is stronger than musk and whiter than yoghurt. This is the ring of obedience. Take it and wear it. Whenever you wanted command with it the servants and they will do it for you instantly. This should aid you in all your affairs and will witness with it wondrous miracles. You will not need anyone else beside Allah, praise be He and Exalted.

Yusuf Muhammad al-Hindi, of Shandawil Island

The book not only contains the evocations, but also detailed spells that you can use and apply from the most incredible to the most mundane.

This is a powerful system of magic for the beginner and advanced. 

Choose Your Options

Option B

(Webinar + Bonus Materials. No Book Included)

  • Live webinar (archival recording available post-webinar)
  • Additional content from the original Arabic book that was not included in Adjuration of Supreme Lights
  • Original Arabic book in PDF
  • Knock Knock Beats
  • Recording of the various magical names that appear inside the book.

Option A

(Adjuration of Supreme Lights Book Only)

  • Direct translation from many parts of the original Arabic book “al-Shajra al-Na’maneeh fi Khawass al-Aqsam al-Ruhaniah’

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What is the difference between Option A and B? 

Option A is the book Adjuration of Supreme Lights. Option B is additional content that doesn’t include the book. They are two separate offerings.

Do I need Option B if I bought Option A?

The book is stand alone. The content in Option B is designed to help you make better use of the book. You don’t need it, if all you want is just the book.

Do I need Option A if I bought Option B?

The webinar doesn’t come with the book Adjuration of Supreme Lights. However, it comes with the Arabic original in PDF. If you speak Arabic, then you may not need the English translations, and can just use the Arabic PDF. However, if you don’t speak Arabic, then you will struggle with making use of the materials.

Can I get Option A and B together?

Yes, that would be the best package choice.

When is the live webinar?

It is usually the weekend after sign-up has closed. I would normally send out invite emails with link and dates.

The webinar is finished and I would like to sign up. Will there be another live webinar?

I am sorry. There is no new live webinars scheduled after this one. However, you can access the archival recording on the website.






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