360 Jinn Talismans Engraving Buy-In Group Page


Thank you for being part of the buy-in.

Just to update you on the progress:

The talismans are currently being set up for engraving. The complete setting up of the talismans should be ready by Jan 1, 2019.

Thanks to the buy-in, the engraving costs have been at pennies on the dollar.

However, as mentioned on the sign-up page, the costs of the metals and the shipping are separate.

The listed prices on this page are the retail prices. However, you will NOT be paying these prices. You will be saving up to $47000 US on the whole set. That is a HUGE saving to say the least.

Pick the talismans you want and during the check out input the code for the metal of your choice: 

360silver  to get each talisman in 7cmX7cm silver for $23.99.

360titanium  to get each talisman in 7.5cmX7.5cm titanium for $13.49 .

360brass  to get each talisman in 10cmX10cm brass for $11.25 .

This will cover the outstanding costs of the silver materials and then the engraving can begin.

We will contact you when the talismans are ready for shipping.

Shipping will be calculated individually based on amount, weight, and destination.

We can ship individual pieces or the whole set at a later date depending on your preferences.



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